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Budget impact model app
Cost savings calculator
Pricing scenarios planning tool
Sales forecasting dashboard
Cost-effectiveness web model
Portfolio optimisation model
How eModels work
Digital HealthOutcomes
We transform HEOR models and data into engaging communication interfaces and powerful decision making tools
Health Economics models transformed into Web and iPad apps help global and local roles within Life Sciences industry to effectively deliver economic value story to healthcare payers and providers
Recent works:
Budget impact model app
See all examples
Recent works:
Pricing scenarios planning tool
See all examples

Budget impact model app

Provide communication interface for budget impact model (BIM) to enable effective presentation and delivery of the economic value story to healthcare payers

user friendly linear story flow

bird view on key model modules

cost-neutral point navigator user interface control

leave pieces (dynamic PDF report)

data scenarios (countries, audiences)

data import & export

closed loop marketing analytics

integration into CRM/CLM (Veeva)

Delivery mode
Cross platform HTML5 web app deployed at client’s servers. Native iPad app
Value in Health 2016. Link to publication
Runs on multiple devices
eModel example for iPad
Existing model
MS Excel, Matlab, R, TreeAge
We perform detailed analyses of health economics models (budget impact, cost-effectiveness), determine key drivers of the economic value story, user scenarios and communication patterns to develop a goal driven user interface and overall information architecture of the digitised model app.
Digitize model
User interface and experience engineering, storytelling modes
eModel user experience is spanning around concise and impactful delivery of the economic value story with user friendly interfaces supporting different communication activities and profiles of users.
Localize model
Country specific data, references, translations
Digital models are supplied with modules supporting complete adaptations to local environments. They include country specific model adaptations for an unlimited number of users, markets and individual data scenarios, local references and links to country specific data sources and translations of the user interface to the native language of end users.
Publish and Share
PC, iPad, Web, Veeva, Invite/Social, Cloud/Sync
Global and local HEOR models can be delivered via different channels and across multiple devices. For field force (KAM/MSL) use they are often delivered as Mobile iPad/Android apps. eModels can also be integrated into internal CRM distribution environments such as Veeva.
Communicate and Engage
Data visualisations, results tailoring, business case summary reports
Drive stakeholder engagement by conveying economic value story with interactive data visualisations and digital communication interfaces. During customer facing eModels allow users to instantly access and change key input parameters and tailor outcomes to the individual setting of particular healthcare payer. eModels allow to create dynamically generated summary of the business case to "leave a piece".
Understand real life impact
CLM, usage stats, custom analytics metrics, recording of reaction
eModels collect detailed data about real life model usage in the field, thus helping to identify markets requiring support and training. Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) enables extraction of end users perceptions towards presented economic value story. It empowers further analyses by global teams and provides useful insights from the field for continuous refinement of the clinical and economic arguments.
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